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Water Features

Building a beautiful waterfall, pond, or swimming pool relies on careful attention to detail and an extensive, intimate knowledge of a diverse range of ecosystems. A water feature can be installed to fit nearly every size yard or landscape, whether you’re looking for a small pond or a large-scale backyard waterfall. In order to create the most natural appearance, our experts at Steve Jones Landscape mimic the lush vibrancy of real life environments by using natural rocks, boulders, and vegetation. We offer a variety of tree planting services and home garden design options for turning your waterscape into a tropical paradise. From the placement of each tiny stone to the scope of the entire microclimate, we take every detail into account in order to construct the perfect environment for your aquatic haven. Each project we undertake is carried out according to our high standards of excellence so you can rest assured that from start to finish, planning to execution, your water feature will be a built with pride and mastery. We also have an arsenal of water-conscious techniques, pumps, plants, and plumbing to ensure the completed product is environmentally and budget friendly.

Waterfall Design and Construction

Waterfalls have the unique ability to stimulate and entice a number of our senses, through sight, sound, and touch. Our waterfall designs can be incorporated into a variety of styles, whether you are looking for a Mediterranean theme or a more Classical look. By hand-selecting our materials, from the boulders and plant life to the pumps and filters, we can add a personal touch to your vision and create a natural waterscape that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Steve Jones Landscape offers a number of placement options for waterfalls that are tailored to your specific space. We take each location into consideration and help you make the best decision for implementing a waterfall that will add richness and vibrancy to your yard. Our landscape artists are equipped with endless backyard landscaping ideas and designs to assist you in outlining your goals.

Outdoor Ponds

Adding an outdoor pond is an elegant and charming way to personalize your outdoor living area. At Steve Jones Landscape, we choose the highest quality products and the most natural features to create a thriving environment of beauty and solace for your pond. Through careful planning and an experienced eye for spatial organization, our team can construct a pond that is teeming with life or placid and calming. While the recipe for success in outdoor pond construction begins with proper communication and a thorough consultation, we know from experience that truly beautiful creations are revealed throughout the installation and cleanup process. From Koi ponds to water gardens, we have the skill and imagination to build a waterscape that matches your vision of a backyard masterpiece.

Pool Construction and Repair

Swimming pools can be a fun, relaxing addition to your home with endless possibilities for creativity and unique design. When it comes to creating a tranquil environment around your pool or spa, our team focuses on finding the perfect combination of features to complement each other and the overall theme of your home. In addition to basic pool and spa construction, pump installation, and maintenance or repair, there are a number of enhanced options available for improving the aesthetics of your swimming pool. We offer a multitude of materials and services for constructing walkways, patios, and other floored areas, as well as waterfalls, rocks and boulders, water fountains, and underwater and outdoor lighting, to help create an air of serenity and sophistication to your backyard.

While having a pool can greatly enhance the beauty and excitement of your home, keeping the water clean is essential to the overall look and feel of your personal environment. A properly planned and executed swimming pool design will ensure regular maintenance is simple and worry-free so you can spend more time enjoying the water and less time fixing it. Our pool designs and water features utilize the latest in filtration technology to eliminate the hassle of constant upkeep and restore the joy of relaxing by the pool.

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