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The key ingredient to nurturing a beautiful yard is having an irrigation system that runs efficiently and effectively. Through the installation of sprinklers and other methods of irrigating your lawn, you can drastically reduce your landscape maintenance efforts and cut water usage, while keeping your plants, trees, and grass healthy and vibrant. However, providing your lawn with adequate water requires a carefully developed plan and innovative sprinkler designs, as well as knowledge of plant root systems and hydration needs. Because of Southern California’s strict water regulations, proper irrigation is essential for adhering to zoning restrictions while getting your plants the water they need to thrive. Sprinkler systems are an easy, convenient way to water your lawn and garden and significantly decrease water usage.

Steve Jones Landscape takes the hassle out of lawn care by installing the latest in sprinkler and irrigation systems to provide exactly the right amount of water to your yard. Our water-conscious solutions help you eliminate water wastage and control soil erosion through proven methods, such as drip irrigation to minimize run-off. We make it easy for you to keep your home lush and full of life without breaching water regulations. Because we utilize the most efficient systems on the market, our products are drought-resistant and specifically placed to maximize the brilliance of your home garden.

With over 20 years of experience in the San Diego area, Steve Jones Landscape is highly-trained and familiar with the most sustainable, cost-effective ways to water your yard, employing low-water, low-maintenance techniques to get the job done. Our customers are guaranteed peace of mind because we have been licensed, bonded, and insured for customer satisfaction and safety.

Please feel free to contact Steve Jones Landscape today for more information about our irrigation services and sprinkler installation. We are proud to provide the most effective solutions in the San Diego area.